Poisoned Love
Boo Tube by christopher miniaci.  
Boo Tube theme song decomposed by David Picking!
Stay Tooned for more
Dead Ed stars in this spooktacular
episode  to promote his new
Halloween film
.  Ghost can't figure
out why they call him DEAD ED.
The show is about to begin but Ghost the
Boo Tube Host is missing.... It's up to
ELFira Mistress of the tree bark to find
him..... Will the show go on?
Ghost doesn't have time for X-mas with
Halloween right around the corner.... How
will he get into the spirit of things?
Ghost decides to teach us all how to
carve a pumpkin.... He had to come up
with something without a celebrity guest
to appear on the show.
This is the very first Boo Tube
episode.  Made as a sample of what's
to come and ideas of how the show
could play out.
Boo Tube,  starring Ghost: The Keeper of Night, the host of the Boo
Tube theatre.   His sick twisted sense of humour and bad horror puns
often cause trouble but are sure to entertain...... Enjoy at your own risk.
This Halloween Ghost competed in a reality
series called Chris & John's Halloween
Superstar and he'll stop at nothing to get his
claws on that sparkly crown.
Ghost gets to interview Edward but
things don't go so well, they find
themselves in a hairy situation!
Ghost and Dead Ed mess with a Halloween
Scarecrow.... They should know better!